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Best Travel Insurance Companies Of November 2023

Travel Insurance Companies

The best travel insurance companies offer a range of protections. These include trip cancellation, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation coverage. Some of them offer unique specialty plans, such as ski or golfing policies.

The top travel insurance companies also cover pre-existing conditions and COVID-19, and their plans are affordable. They cover all types of trips, from short to long-term. They are also a good choice for digital nomads.


Heymondo has some of the best travel insurance prices and offers incredible coverage amounts for a low price. Its plans are available to nearly everyone in the world and its subscription model makes it easy for digital nomads to stay covered on a long-term basis.

When choosing a travel insurance provider, look for a policy that meets your specific needs and provides 24-Hour Assistance. Most leading providers offer comprehensive policies that cover common concerns such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies and lost luggage.

Squaremouth is an online travel insurance marketplace that allows you to compare prices and coverage from different travel insurance companies. Its plans are competitively priced and offer a variety of coverage options, including a pre-existing condition waiver.

Some travel insurance companies focus on specialized protections. For example, some policies include coverage for skiing or golf equipment rentals, pet travel and rental car damage. Others offer more general coverages such as emergency medical expenses and evacuations.

IMG Global

IMG Global offers comprehensive travel insurance, travel health, and assistance services. They serve travelers, students, missionaries, expatriates, and marine crews. Their staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They also have a robust network of providers worldwide.

IMG offers several plans that cover trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses, and lost luggage. They also offer pre-existing condition coverage and terrorism coverage. Their iTravelInsured plan line includes three different policies, including Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR).

IMG’s Patriot Travel Series offers travel protection, with options to include a Cancel for Any Reason add-on. The plans also provide medical coverage, with limits up to $8 million. They can be purchased on a single-trip basis or as an annual policy. They also offer a plan called Visitor’s Protect, which provides temporary medical coverage for non-US citizens traveling abroad. It includes coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. It is available through age 70. It costs $59 a month or $350 per year.

World Nomads

Designed by world traveler Simon Monk, this company offers specialized coverage for travelers who take long trips. The policies are very comprehensive and have been vetted by a wide range of adventure travelers. They cover a wide variety of activities and offer high limits for medical emergencies.

The company also has trip cancellation and interruption coverage, which reimburses 100% of prepaid, non-refundable expenses. It also has a baggage insurance policy that covers lost or stolen items and excessive luggage damage. Both plans include 24-hour travel assistance services with multilingual agents.

Another feature that sets it apart from other companies is the ability to process claims online. This allows for a faster turnaround and eliminates the need to send documents via email. In addition, it offers a wider choice of add-ons, including rental car damage and cancel for any reason. Its prices are a bit higher than those of IMG Global, however. The premiums are based on the number of days covered and the age of the traveler.


As one of the best long-term travel insurance providers, iTI offers plans with varying levels of coverage. The company’s cheapest plan, the Travel Lite, provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption and includes access to non-insurance emergency travel assistance services. iTI also has additional policy add-ons that can provide medical, rental car, and cancel for any reason benefits.

iTI’s iTravelInsured Travel Sport plan is designed for adventure travelers and includes coverage for extreme sports. The company also offers a variety of plans for travelers with pre-existing conditions. In addition, iTI’s Travel Select plan includes a pre-existing condition exclusion waiver and is available to travelers over 99 years of age.

The company’s customer service representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. They will answer your questions and help you find the best travel insurance for your needs. However, you should always read your plan documents carefully before purchasing a policy. This will ensure that you are covered for the things you want.

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