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8 Key Benefits Of Hiring An Event Planner For Your Wedding

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Having an expert planner on your side can make a big difference in creating the wedding you want within your budget. They’ll take the time to look at all aspects of your budget and will help you allocate the proper amount for each vendor.

Plus, many wedding planners bring backup to ensure everything gets done on your day. This will save you even more!

1. They Will Take Care Of All The Details

Professional event planners know how to create a comprehensive timeline that takes into account every detail of your wedding. They will also work with you and your vendors to make sure they are aware of their responsibilities and what needs to be done when.

In addition, event planners have a list of vetted industry connections that they can use to find the perfect vendors for your wedding. This can save you time and money. In fact, many planners are able to get discounts for their clients on items such as flowers, catering, and photography.

2. They Can Help You Create A Budget

By recording and comparing all expenses on a spreadsheet throughout the planning process, planners can help their clients stay within budget. This also makes post-event settling and evaluation easier by documenting actual costs versus budgeted expenses, and demonstrating the value they bring to their role.

Event planners have industry expertise and will know how to make the most of their client’s budget. They’ll work with vendors to manage contracts and deadlines, and ensure that everything is running on schedule.

3. They Can Help You Find The Perfect Venue

Event planners have a curated list of industry connections. This means they can connect you with vendors such as florists, photographers, DJs or bands that you might not have found on your own.

They can help you find the perfect venue that matches your vision and fits within your budget. This includes making sure the venue can accommodate your expected headcount, is comfortable and has enough space. They also make sure to consider things like parking and transportation needs.

4. They Can Help You Find The Perfect Vendors

Over time, event planners build up a list of vetted industry connections. They know which florists, bakers, photographers, and bands are best for a particular wedding and can often get you better deals than you’d find on your own.

When researching potential vendors, make sure to check their reputation online. Google reviews and testimonials are a good place to start. Avoid vendors that don’t provide these or seem hesitant to answer questions about their past events. These are red flags.

5. They Can Help You Create A Timeline

Timelines are the backbone of any event, and your planner can create a wedding timeline that will help ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding. This will include everything from when you need to start getting ready, to your ceremony start time, the photo block and even the reception activities.

When building your timeline, don’t forget to build in extra time for things that may go wrong. That way, if someone runs late at hair and makeup or your bridesmaid’s eyelashes fall out, you won’t be late to the ceremony.

6. They Can Help You Create A Schedule

Professional event planners have a lot of experience when it comes to creating and managing timelines. They will ensure that all of your vendors show up at the right time and that everything flows from one activity to the next.

They will also be on top of any unforeseen issues that may arise during the day. This will help to reduce stress for both you and your guests. This includes things like if a vendor is running late or if a guest is having technical difficulties.

7. They Can Help You Create A Budget

Event planners keep a running tab of your budget, and they’ll help you stay within it. They may also be able to secure outside funding and sponsors to help make up for any expenses you might go over.

They’ll also set aside money for a contingency fund. This is money that’s set aside for unforeseen costs, like if your DJ cancels or you discover a new food allergy at the last minute. This is just a small example of how they can help you keep your wedding on track.

8. They Can Help You Find The Perfect Venue

Event planners can help you find the perfect venue that matches your vision. They can also help you avoid costly problems by knowing any city/local ordinances and regulations that need to be upheld, like room capacity or height limitations for decor.

They will know how much space you need based on your final headcount and help you choose venues that are comfortable for everyone without being too spacious. They will also take into consideration any accessibility needs for guests.

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